Monday, July 03, 2006


A full-time person at my job put in his two weeks the other day. I'm pretty sure that I could do the position he's leaving. Hell, I have pretty much been doing that position for the past week now since he went to help out at another store. So, where does the Catch-22 come in? Let me explain:

1. In order to have a full-time position at my job, you must have open availability.
2. The only way I can have open availability is to have a car of my own.
3. I don't make enough money right now to be able to buy and maintain a car of my own.
4. I would be able to make enough money to have a car if I had a full-time position.

No car means no open availability. No open availability means no full-time position. No full-time position means no car.

Son of a...

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