Thursday, April 20, 2006

Moooooo & Oink!

If you're from the Chicago area, you probably recognize the title. Moo &Oink, a chain of stores that specialize in meat, is one of the most recognizable (and unforgettable things) about Chicago. The commercials for Moo & Oink are damn near legendary. They have an upbeat, R&B flavor to them. A man sings about the "baby baby baby spare ribs" as another voice tells you all the deals you can find there (example: "Hand Cleaned Chitterlings, 5lb. bucket only..."). The commercials always end with someone yelling "Mooooooo & Oink!" If you think all this sounds ridiculous, then you're right. However, the commercials were always endearingly cheesy as opposed to annoying. Trust me, you'll have to hear it to believe it.

Why was I suddenly flooded with fond memories of Moo & Oink? Well, this post on ProHipHop revealed that Moo & Oink has been holding a weekly rap jingle contest. The only thing that could ever be better than that theme song is hearing a rapper rap about Moo & Oink. Listen to the winners so far here.

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