Monday, February 27, 2006

This Week On Sterfish's Place/Muti-Post

-Stuff to be posted this week: My interview with Fred Goss (likely in two parts), 2006 Oscar Predictions. I'm not making any guarantees that I'll post anything much as I would really like to.

-Thanks to everyone who has commented in the past few days. It's definitely good to hear some feedback and positive reinforcement. I'll try to get back to some of you via e-mail. Dell. Dell's out of the new computer picture for me because they pretty much rejected my credit application. Without a little credit, I could only afford a budget PC from them (the shipping/handling, taxes, and service plan add too much money to the overall purchase) and everyone around me has pretty much said that a budget Dell isn't worth it. The search continues...

-Random Question: How long will video director Hype Williams keep using his once avant-garde technique of putting moving images in the areas where black bars would normally be?

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