Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Back from another work/sleep-induced blog break. Some comments/details/things to come:

-I finally watched Crash over the weekend. Overall, I liked the film but I think that it's neither as great or as bad as some say it is. I've been trying to organize my thoughts on the film for a review. If I can get them together as well as I would like, I think the review will be worth the wait.

-While at work, I found out that one of the people who was hired at the same time I was quit and now has a new job. The funny thing about this is that she ended up getting the same type of job I just interviewed for (and didn't get). However, it was at a different health club than the one I interviewed with.

-Since I am planning to relaunch my creative writing blog sometime in the spring, I have been mulling a name change as well. Looking at it again, "Everyday Author" sounds kind of pretentious. However, I'm also reminded of an interesting comment someone I once worked with told me: "There is a difference between an author and a writer. Not every author is a writer."

-With the next Mixmania on the way, I've started thinking about the themes of the discs this time around. I've been thinking about what songs are considered "guilty pleasures" for me. Considering that I have no qualms about reviewing anime soundtracks, somewhat obscure electronica/dance, and R&B/hip-hop all on the same blog, I've been wondering if there is anything that I'm actually ashamed to like. I have plenty of time to think about it, though.

-SNL has been sucking most of the season so far (with things like "Lazy Sunday" and Robert Smigel's cartoons the exception to the rule). However, I am really looking forward to February 5th's show with Steve Martin as host and Prince as musical guest. Steve Martin is funny and I would love to see Prince appear on "The Prince Show" sketch. Maya Rudolph should come back from maternity leave just to play Beyoncé.

-Finally...The Luther is REAL? Anyone who saw Sunday's episode of The Boondocks on Adult Swim will know why I'm shocked. If you didn't see it, watch the rerun on Saturday and then visit that site. Thanks to The Boondocks On Adult Swim for finding that link.

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