Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sort Of Catching Up

Whenever I get really busy at work, it seems like I have to take an involuntary break from blogging. This was the case last week even though I worked morning shifts the entire week. Frankly, I was too tired most of that week to do any substantial writing. As usual, it was the combination of the stuff I could consciously control (what time I go to sleep), the stuff I couldn't consciously control (going to sleep) and the stuff that I had no control over (work) that did me in. Even though I have around the same number of hours this week, I plan not to repeat last week. I'm getting some sleep one way or the other.

Meanwhile, I can now announce that there will be two additional reviews added to the Yoko Kanno Reviews series. Those two reviews are of the soundtrack to the live-action film Kamikaze Girls (exclusive to this blog) and of one of my all-time favorite Yoko Kanno releases, the first soundtrack to Arjuna. These two reviews are added to a list with upcoming reviews of Be Human (A Ghost In The Shell: SAC soundtrack), the Ashura-jo no Hitomi soundtrack, and the second soundtrack to Sousei no Aquarion (Genesis of Aquarion). As of right now, the first Arjuna soundtrack and Stand Alone Complex OST 2 are both on sale this week for less than $10 each at The Right Stuf (legitimately, by the way).

Finally, I'm compiling the best posts from the second year (December 2004-November 2005) of this blog. I'll be posting my picks on December 18th, this blog's second anniversary. However, I'd like feedback about what posts I should include. Have a favorite post from this blog? E-mail me with your suggestions.

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