Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blog Critics Highlights

There are a few posts that I really enjoyed reading today from Blog Critics that I think you should check out. The first two each deal with the holiday season. Margaret Romao Taigo's "Merry Christmas (Please Don't Be Mad At Me)" takes on the idea of how some Christians feel that the ACLU is trying to destroy the holiday. Natalie Davis's "Celebrate It All!", part of her "Food For Thought" series, tells of her family's tradition of celebrating all the holidays. I may have to try those sweet potato latkes.

Finally, Dave Nalle has written a hilarious satirical piece entitled "B5 and Pretty Ricky Attacked in 'Black Friday' Riot." It tackles everything from the "Black Friday" rush to the sometimes crazy fans of boy groups B5 and Pretty Ricky. As of right now, my reviews of Pretty Ricky and B5's albums are the 4th and 5th most commented stories ever on Blog Critics, so I couldn't help but laugh at Dave's post. The guy's inbox will definitely be worse for the wear after this...especially if those fans think the article is real.

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