Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I have to admit that I didn't realize just how bad Hurricane Katrina was until I recently saw the pictures of New Orleans on the news. There are really no words to describe the type of devastation in that area. I'm definitely praying for all those still stranded or missing in that area.

I have some distant relatives who live in the New Orleans area and closer relatives who live in Mississippi. My dad's cousin lives in Jackson and he has a lot of family in New Orleans. My dad talked to his cousin today and found out that while a couple of relatives lost their homes, everyone is safe and sound. I also have two other cousins down in Jackson. My cousin Chenelle just recently went back to Jackson to start her final year of law school. My cousin Phillip also lives in Jackson with his family. I haven't heard directly from either of them, but I think they are probably okay.

(UPDATE: I found out tonight that my cousin Phillip and his family are without power while my cousin Chenelle has power and is doing well.)

It was a little less than a year ago that Auntee and I flew down to Jackson for my cousin Phillip's wedding. My cousin Chenelle told me about how she and her friends would go on trips to New Orleans since it was only about 2 hours away from Jackson. When I first visited Jackson back when I was in college, me and my cousin Phillip thought about going to the casinos in Gulfport, Mississippi, although we never did. It's sad to think that both of those places are just about gone.

I encourage everyone out there to keep the victims of Hurricane Katrina in your thoughts and prayers and to visit the website of the American Red Cross for ways you can help.

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  1. ...and after we donate, we can vote the bastards out who failed all the people down there.

    I'm ashamed to be an American today.