Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Some Black Blogs To Vote For

I recently mentioned the 2005 Black Weblog Awards and now I'm giving some personal picks. I admit that I don't read as many black blogs as I could/should. I really need to take the time and sift through the Black Blogz on the webring I'm a member of. Anyway, here are a few blogs I voted for:

That Colored Fella-No, I didn't vote for his blog just because he has a link to this blog. I voted for him because of his interesting insight into politics and news. One post especially worth reading involves TCF's incident with a driver that's a combination of both political and road rage.

Daily Views, Pop Culture, Rants, and News-I've talked about this blog before and I will again. This is a very well-written blog. TheHumanityCritic tackles a variety of subjects whether it be current events or elements of his real life. This is one of my favorite blogs to read.

Negrophile and Blackosphere-These are different blogs but they are similar in what they do. Both of them aggregate various stuff of importance to black people. Negrophile links to various news articles that deal with black people. Blackosphere links to noteworthy posts from black blogs (even mine!). Quite simply, both of these blogs are great one-stop shops for content dealing with black people.

That's it in regards to what I voted for. Don't forget to vote for me if you get a chance. I know I won't win anything but they always say that it's an honor to be nominated. Also, please check out the blogs above (and the Black Blogz webring). The blogosphere is indeed as diverse as the real world is...you just have to know where to look.

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