Monday, August 08, 2005

The Loss Of A Television News Icon

I was shocked to learn of the passing of ABC World News Tonight anchor Peter Jennings on Sunday night. Out of the three network news heavyweights (the other two being retirees Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw), Jennings was by far my favorite. I admit that I did not tune into any of the network newscasts on a daily basis, but if I watched one, it would be ABC's with Peter Jennings. One of the things I liked about Jennings was that he never seemed to talk down to his audience. He seemed thoughtful and well-read without seeming pretentious. I found it interesting that while he was one of America's best news anchors, he was not born in the United States. Jennings himself was a testament to the American Dream that millions of immigrants look for everyday.

With Jennings's death and the retirements of Rather and Brokaw, it looks like the era of the big network news anchor is over. I don't know if whoever replaces Jennings permanently will be able to come close to the impact that Jennings had on ABC News and the country. My condolences go out to Peter Jennings's family. Rest in peace, Peter.

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