Friday, August 19, 2005

Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating...

I found a very interesting L. A. Times commentary via Negrophile entitled "Is Rap Tomorrow's Jazz?" In his commentary, Thaddeus Russell talks about how African-American leaders have denouced black popular music over the years. It's funny now to realize that African-American leaders actually denounced genres like jazz back in the day. Reading the article made me think of my dad telling me how his father couldn't stand the type of music my father liked. For the most part, my parents actually like a lot of the music my sister and I like. Every so often, though, there are some complaints about my generation's music...mostly because of the fact that a lot of hip-hop and R&B music samples the music my parents grew up with. Also, something else came to mind as I read that article...what will be the music that the hip-hop generation will denounce in 20 or 30 years? I don't know if I should be intrigued by this thought or frightened by it.

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