Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Digital Cable Is A World Of Color

Late last night/early this morning at around 3:00 a.m., the look of our digital cable changed dramatically...we got Comcast's new onscreen program guide. It was a bit jarring when we got it. The time disappeared from the front of our cable boxes, showing only the channel number. My mom noticed this and asked me if our cable was out. Whenever the cable company decides to cut us off, the digital channels go out and only the channel number is visible on the box. This time, though, the digital was okay...which lead us to believe that the new guide was coming.

There are some neat features to this new guide. It's fast as hell. You can see 90 minutes worth of listings. Plus, you can even set the cable box to automatically tune to the channel you want to record for your VCR timers. Now, the reason why I said the digital cable was a world of color is because now you can actually change the color of the guide. My mom and I had fun changing the color of the guide (who in the world wants a burgundy colored digital cable interface?). The one thing I dislike about the guide is the shorter list of channels on each page. You can only see, at most, six channels at a time compared to eight channels at a time on the old guide. Considering that we actually have a good amount of channels, less channels per page is not a good thing. Apart from that, I'm pretty content (so far) with this new interface.

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