Friday, July 15, 2005

A Variety Of Things

Several mini-posts like I used to do all the time:

-Earlier this week, I saw the brand new video from David Banner called "Play." Just like how the Ying Yang Twins did on "Wait," David Banner whispers the entire track. The song is also sexually oriented but not nearly as X-rated as "Wait." Banner sounds like a kinky personal trainer as he whispers "Work them hips/Run girl" during the song. I guess this is the reason why the video looks like a combination of Kanye West's "The New Workout Plan" (the exercising and the colors) with Ying Yang Twins' "Wait" (tons of beautiful women, David Banner dressing in a suit). In fact, the video for "Play" was directed by Little X who co-directed "The New Workout Plan" and directed "Wait." Despite the similarities to other songs and videos, "Play" is not that bad and fun to listen to.

-Jim at Patriside very much enjoyed the Mixmania CDs I've made as evidenced by this post. Glad you enjoyed them Jim! Check the sidebar for the links to the song lists of my discs. Meanwhile, I'm waiting to see if the person I sent my disc to likes it or not. Also, I haven't yet received my Mixmania disc from whoever sent it to me. I hope it didn't get lost in the mail like a certain CD...

-...that CD being the Ying Yang Twins' new album U.S.A.: United State of Atlanta. I'm supposed to be reviewing that CD for Blog Critics but I haven't gotten it yet. At first, I thought that maybe the record company hadn't sent it. I e-mailed the contact recently to see if that was the case. She replied and told me that it had been shipped on the album's release date way back on June 28th. Thus, something tells me that either the shipment got lost in transit or someone stole my package (the bastard!). I have now asked if the contact if she can send the CD to me again.

This reopens the fears I have about anything getting shipped to my house. We have had some bad experiences with deliveries and mail service in general. Although right now our mail service is pretty consistent, there have been times when our mail delivery was awful. There was a stint where we didn't get our mail until nightttime. Then, there are the delivery companies. UPS is the worst one normally when it comes to deliveries. They don't always ring the doorbell whenever they come with a package, which means that they don't get a signature. They have left packages behind the bushes whenever we aren't there as opposed to leaving a note for us to pick it up. I try not to use them if I can help it. DHL isn't so bad as they will leave packages in mailboxes. FedEx is the best company out of the ones I've used. They always ring the doorbell whenever they come and always get a signature. Of course, FedEx delivery is more expensive. Either way, I'm going to be annoyed as all hell if the second shipment of the Ying Yang Twins' CD gets messed up.

-With the lack of good stuff on TV this week, my sister and I have been watching the Great Outdoor Games on ESPN. These games are actually fun to watch. We've enjoyed the agility dog competitons, log rolling, speed climbing, and hot saw. They're kind of like the X-Games for outdoorsmen.

-Summer League basketball on NBA's better than no basketball.

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