Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mixmania! Stuff

I received my Mixmania! disc last week and now I'm going to reveal who I got it from...it's Autumn at Putting Perfection On A Curve! You can check out the song list here. In one unusual coincidence, both the person who sent my first disc and the person who sent the summer one are close to my age. In fact, Autumn is the same age as I am (according the profile on her blog, at least) although I'll turn 25 in December.

Autumn's mix is interesting and varied. There are three artists that I have heard little or nothing from (Toby Lightman, John Smith, Sara Evans) as well as some very good songs from artists I know. "History Repeating" by Propellerheads is a wonderful song (I love Shirley Bassey's voice!). I'm mad that I forgot how fun and summery "19-2000" by Gorillaz sounds. Can't you imagine yourself sitting on a beach with a cold summer cocktail listening to Norah Jones sing "Come Away With Me"? Plus, I like how this disc has one very long song ("Dreaming" by BT, the mix's opener) and one very short song ("Little Thing" by Toby Lightman which tops out at 49 seconds). Also, the mix is relatively short. There's nothing to skip over. Sometimes, I wish I had that kind of restraint when making mixes. All in all, this is a nice little summer mix.

So, another Mixmania is done. My match should have received her discs by now. On my end, all is well. Thanks Jim for doing this again. Can't wait for the next one!


  1. I'm glad you liked it...

    and I'm sorry it came so late!!!

  2. I just posted the announcement for August's mixmania! and I'm looking forward to you joining in again!