Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged for another music meme courtesy of Jim at Patriside. Here's the deal this time:

Pick 5-10 bloggers, and dedicate a song to them. The people to whom you dedicate are considered "tagged" for the meme.

Let's see then...

1. JBG: Yoko Kanno (with vocals by Mai Yamane)-"Blue" from Cowboy Bebop
No, I didn't pick this song because his nick is "Blue Giant." I did it because A) He's as big a Yoko Kanno fan as I am. B) It's from an anime that we both really like. And C) He's the person who first took me to an anime club showing.

2. The Humanity Critic: Eric B. & Rakim-"Microphone Fiend"
The Humanity Critic is a known hip-hop fan and there's no better song than a classic one like this one.

3. Monie: Basement Jaxx-"Do Your Thing"
My sister is not a fan of Basement Jaxx, so it's more in what the song means. Quite simply, she does her thing no matter what people think about her.

4. Seeingdouble: Loretta Lynn (feat. Jack White)-"Portland, Oregon"
Seeingdouble is the person who sent me my Mixmania CD last time and she put some country songs on there. As such, I decided to dedicate my favorite country song to her.

5. Jaime J. Weinman: Ghostface Killah-"The Forest"
I really enjoy reading Jaime's posts about animation (check out his fascinating post on WB animators). I decided to pick this song because Ghostface cleverly references many cartoon characters and tweaks some hardcore rap cliches in the process.

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