Sunday, March 06, 2005

SCD: Sterfish Color Display

The title of this post came from a hilarious site I found out about called The Acronym Liar. On this site, you put in a word and it will create an acronym with the word you put in. I found out about it via Google Blogoscoped (who found out about it via Generator Blog...don't you love the blogosphere?) I told my sister about it and we've had a field day putting in various names and words. Here are some fake acronyms we received:

(Warning: Some Of These May Be Considered Offensive)

  • CBA: Cornbread Bar Association

  • TFSO: Transition Financial Support Omarion

  • PSRAM: Pseudo-Static Random Access Mike Bibby

  • ESIC: Earth Science Iverson Center

  • IFD: Image Fried Chicken Directory

  • NDDL: Nigga Data Definition Language

  • EIB: European Investment Booty

  • PAR: Precision Ass Radar

  • CNMS: Cylink Nigga Management System

  • PA: Pooty Tang Agent

  • BSU: Bitch Science Unit

  • KIAS: Kanye Indicated Air Speed

  • IITYIWHTKY: If I Tell Yao I Will Have To Kill Yao

  • LRRP: Latrell Sprewell Range Reconecence Patrol

  • ATC: Average Total Ciara

  • AUV: Autonomous Usher Vehicle

  • JEM: Justin Timberlake Experiment Module

  • JSB: Japan Snoop Dogg Broadcasters Inc

  • WBL: Web-Based Lohan

  • LD50: Lethal Dose 50 Cent

  • LOTS: Low Overhead Trillville System

  • HPGE: High Purity Game

  • APWU: Ashanti Postal Workers Union

  • LDC: Lil Jon Development Corporation

  • SMILES: Simplified Molecular Input Ludacris Entry System

  • AJ: Astronomical Jigga

  • BDT: Beyonce Data Transmitter

  • CRISIS: County R Kelly Into Situations Involving Stress

  • OHSLA: Ohio Homer Sciences Libary Association

  • CLDC: Competitive Lebron Distance Coalition

  • LC: Lower Carmelo

  • BRF: Bill Walton Reject Filter

Although this is some cheap humor, it can amuse for quite a while. See what offensive (or non-offensive) words you can think of to put in there.

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