Wednesday, March 30, 2005

First Day Of Work

On Tuesday, I went for my first day of work at Sports Authority. I went for my orientation along with three other new employees. Just like other orientations I've been through, I was bombarded with a ton of information in a relatively short span of time. First, the four of us had to double check and fill out paperwork. Then, we had to watch four separate videos. Afterwards, we took a tour of the store and had a 10-minute break. After that, we went through some more paperwork and store procedures.

The area I'm working in, Team Sports, is pretty large. It covers most of the store with the exception of apparel, footwear, and the tech shop. I could end up selling stuff as varied as camping gear, basketball hoops, and workout equipment. I will also be trained to do some other tasks, in case more help is needed in other parts of the store.

On Wednesday, I have to go back to do more training. This training will be done entirely on computer. Once I do that, I will also be trained on being a cashier sometime next week. Soon after that, I should be ready to be on the sales floor.

All in all, it looks like this could be a fun environment. The other employees I've met so far seem pretty cool. Once I get adjusted, I think I could do well at this job. And since I will probably (hopefully) be working in the morning, it should be good because there aren't that many customers. Things are looking good thus far.

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