Sunday, January 16, 2005


I was surfing blogs on Blog Explosion when I noticed that one of them had a link saying "My Bloginality is" such and such. Feeling curious, I visited the Bloginality site where they have a short test that is supposed to determine your blogging personality. I did the test and I came out to be an INFJ, a personality type that is rare, according to the site.

The little paragraph on the site does describe me perfectly as a blogger. I am a perfectionist when it comes to this blog. How so? Well, after I update, I visit it to make sure everything looks the way it does. Even though this blog has been up only a little more than a year, the current design is the thirdfourth one. When I first started this blog, I used a standard template. A few days later, I tweaked the template with completely different colors (see what it looked like by visiting the April Fools Blog 2004 link in the Archives). But you know what really takes the cake? I actually subscribe to my blog's feeds to make sure they work like they should. Is that as weird as it sounds?

I decided to check out some links on the actual personality type and see if it really fit me. Upon reading, it does. I swear that reading the info on the INFJ type was like looking into myself. I haven't really taken many personality tests (and when I do, I don't remember what I ended up scoring) but it's quite amazing that such a small test predicted my actual personality type.

So, how many more INFJ bloggers are there out there? Drop me a line!

Note: I didn't mean to prove my point, but I edited this post two times after "finishing" it. Yeah, I suck.

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