Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Long Overdue Revelation

Recently, I joined Blog Explosion, a community that is supposed to increase traffic to your blog. You surf others' blogs and that earns you credits which will let your blog been seen by others who surf for credits. I've also submitted this blog to some blog search engines and sites like that. Yes, I guess I've really become a full-fledged blogger.

Until I joined Blog Explosion, I had only sporadically visited other blogs. I'd primarily visit the blogs of my friends and family. Now, I enjoy visiting the blogs of others. It's interesting to read blogs from people of different races, political persuasions, and different countries. You can see why I titled my post the way I did.

One blog in particular that was very interesting is one called MissFitsandStarts Goes To Nursing School. It has some particularly insightful comments about how many blogs have similar topics and how it is rare to see blogs from those of other races. I agree with those comments. When I think about it, the only black blog I can say I visit is my sister's. The other blogs are those of my white friends. That's probably the reason I also joined a webring for the black blogs out there. I am pledging to go through and read many of the blogs there.

Oh, and a healthy reminder...the one year anniversary of this blog is December 18th.

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